About Patta Yai!

This is a web site for adults, pure and simple .. primarily the male of the species.

We will not promote pornography, obscenity or sleaze; but you should expect adult content on Pattayai.com. Hopefully we will handle the subject with a significant degree of panache.

We welcome comments from well-meaning persons. We may respond to comments and we may not.

Organizations and Clubs relative to Pattaya are welcome to submit announcements of meetings, services, events, etc. Until we have a self-posting feature, we will list your submissions manually.

Independent reviews of pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and services are especially welcome. If you would like to review bars and pubs on a continuing basis, please get in touch with us and tell what you have to offer.

Privacy Policy
Pattayai does not collect and store email addresses. Neither do we force "cookies".

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