Pattaya & Jomtien Beach for Men

Pattaya Bay From Prathumnak Hill

Patta-Yai! tells you what the world-famous city of Pattaya has to offer, from the finest go-go bars to the greatest restaurants.

Pattaya is Thailand's number one beach destination and more than a million tourists visit each year to share in the hot weather, the hot food - and the hot girls!

Go Go Bars

Prime attractions for many Pattaya tourists and old hands alike. Pattaya has lots of sexy dancers as well. Some have great bodies, others have terrific personalities. Bar fines vary from venue to venue and time adds inflation.

Read reviews on some of the best Pattaya's go go bars

Pattaya Day Life

We all know Pattaya has its more obvious charms. But step off the beach and out of the bars for a while and you'll discover there are plenty of incredible things to do between happy hours.

So, ever keen to please, Pattayai has put together some reviews about the best places to visit. When you need a break from the Pattaya nightlife, try a bit of the Pattaya day life

Fun at Jomtien Beach

Sunny days and cold beer can make you want to spend more time on the beach than you should. Forgetting your sun block can lead to painful nights.

Your Pattaya beach holiday is too short to ruin with roasted skin. Read these tips about dealing with .. Pattaya Beach sunshine

Pattaya Hotels

Hotels in Pattaya are some of the best deals in Thailand. And the variety of features is staggering. You will find everything from cheap guest houses to absolute luxury. Set your budget first then look for a room near the area where you plan on spending time.

Not all hotels in Pattaya are as advertised. Pictures are old. Read the reviews and pay attention the the dates on the reviews.

Pattaya City Maps

These Pattaya and Jomtien beach maps will help you stay on course. An overview of map of Pattaya & Jomtien Beach

Whether you live in Pattaya or are on holiday, Patta-Yai! will give you all the necessary help, advice and information to ensure you enjoy all that's on offer.